Geological investigations in the Bamble sector of the Fennoscandian shield

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Get this from a library. Geological investigations in the Bamble sector of the Fennoscandian shield, South Norway. [R D Morton; R Batey; R K O'Nions]. Geological Investigations in the Bamble Sector of the Fennoscandian Shield South Norway 1.

The Geology of Eastern Bamble by R. Morton, (Dept. of Geology, University of Alberta, Canada) R. Batey (Mining Explorations (International), Portugal) and R.

o'Nions (Dept. of Geology, University of Alberta, Canada) OSLO UNIVERSITETS FORLAGET. Geological and geophysical maps of the Fennoscandian Shield, 1: 1 million (1: 1 million = scale of the original data; 1: 2 million = map scale) Finnish-Russian-Swedish-Norwegian cooperation Legend for: Geological Map of the Fennoscandian Shield Scale 1: 2 MAJOR GEOLOGICAL UNITS Geological units outside the Fennoscandian File Size: KB.

O'Nions, "Geological investigations in the bamble sector of the Fennoscandian Shield of South Norway. Dynamic Metasomatism: Stable Isotopes, Fluid Evolution, and Deformation of Albitite and Scapolite Metagabbro (Bamble Lithotectonic Domain, South Norway). Fennoscandia (Finnish: Fennoskandia; Swedish: Fennoskandien; Norwegian: Fennoskandia; Russian: Фенноскандия Fennoskandiya) or the Fennoscandian Peninsula is the geographical peninsula comprising the Scandinavian and Kola Peninsulas, mainland Finland, and Karelia.

Administratively this roughly encompasses the mainlands of Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Murmansk Oblast, Adjacent bodies of water: Arctic Sea, Atlantic Ocean.

Mineral deposits and metallogeny of Fennoscandia. Geological Survey of Finland, Special Pa p. successions in this sector of the Fennoscandian Shield. In the Nunasvaara area Author: Pasi Eilu. Morton, R.D. ‘Geological investigations in the Bamble Sector of the Fennoscandian shield, S. Norway. 2 Metasediments and metapyro- clastics (?) within the Precambrian metamorphic suite of the S.

Norwegian Skaergaard’. Nor, geol. Tidsskr. 51, 63– Google ScholarCited by: The Geological map of the Fennoscandian Shield contains lithologies as areas, dykes and tectonic features as lines, impact craters as points and kimberlite provinces as areas. The scale of use of the map data is The Geological map of the Fennoscandian Shield was printed in two parts.

Käyttötarkoitus: Purpose. A very important part of SGUs responsibility is to survey and document the geology of Sweden – not least with a view to facilitate mineral exploration.

Our information on bedrock geology, bedrock quality, Quaternary (superficial) deposits, geochemistry and geophysics provides a foundation for Geological investigations in the Bamble sector of the Fennoscandian shield book for metal ores, industrial minerals and dimension stone. This paper considers the results of detailed paleoseismic and geological investigations in a key site in the wall of the Imandra Lake depression (Kola Peninsula Region, Northeast of the Fennoscandian Shield).

Study of different groups of paleoseismic deformations developed in the fault zone and the application of new methods and techniques made it possible to identify a large Cited by: 7. Geological Setting of the Forsmark Site Regional Tectonic Framework [5] Forsmark is situated in the part of the Fennoscandian Shield that developed between and Ga during the late Paleoproterozoic, Svecokarelian orogeny (Figure 1a).

Meta-sedimentary rock, mineralized acid metavolcanic rock datedCited by:   FEM brings together exploration and mining industry experts and leaders worldwide. We offer you an opportunity to meet people from exploration, mining, academia, investors, governments, geological surveys, and the service sector.

Fennoscandian Shield in Focus FEM has a strong focus on exploration and mining development in Fennoscandia. We will provide you a comprehensive picture of. To change the text size, hold the Ctrl/Cmd-key down and push + to zoom in or - to zoom out.

The Sveconorwegian belt is a broad terrain in the south western sector of the Fennoscandian Shield subjected to thermal activation, widespread intrusion and limited tectonic activity between ca.

Focusing on the Precambrian in the central part of the Fennoscandian Shield, the book combines the results from modern geological and geophysical research into a detailed petrologic, lithologic, and structural synthesis and interpretation of the Archean and Proterozoic of Finland. the Fennoscandian Shield, the main phase of which occurred in Silurian, at ca.

The tectonics related to the late phase of the central European Variscan orogeny resulted in strike-slip faulting along the NW-SE trending Tornquist Zone in the south-western margin of the Fennoscandian Shield.

Baltic Shield, the continental core of Europe, composed of Precambrian crystalline rock, the oldest of Europe. The tectonically stable region was not affected by the Caledonian, Hercynian, and Alpine mountain-building periods of Europe, although mountains did rise along the edges.

Fennoscandian Mineral Deposits Download the database Disclaimer Explanation book for metallogenic map ( MB) FODD Explanation Book ( kB) Disclaimer Explanation book for metallogenic map ( MB) FODD Explanation Book ( kB).

Seismotectonics and Lithospheric Stresses in the Northern Fennoscandian Shield 55 derived for the largest earthquakes and even then the precision in estimated focal depths is low.

For the Swedish part of the area of study, four reliable mechanism solutions (according to criteria specified in Muir Wood, ) already exist. The events are listed. In the Fennoscandian Shield, magnetotelluric and magnetovariation data by Kaikkonen et al. () for the Archaean Karelian craton indicate conductivities in the range of 1 × 10 −3 –1 × 10 −2 S m −1 at – km.

Assuming that our xenolith-derived geotherm is valid and that the conductivity is due to hydrogen diffusion, the Cited by: (English) In: Hydrothermal iron oxide copper-gold & related topics: a global perspective, Adelaide: PGC Publishing,p.

Chapter in book (Other academic) Abstract [en] The northernmost Fennoscandian shield comprises Archaean and Palaeoproterozoic rocks. Unlike most other shield areas, economic mineral deposits are largely restricted to its Palaeoproterozoic by: Tectonophysics, () 21 Eisevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam - Printed in The Netherlands The tectonic evolution of the Fennoscandian Border Zone in Denmark J.

LIBORIUSSEN, P. ASHTON and T. TYGESEN Maersk Olie og Gas A/S, Esplana DK Copenhagen (Denmark) (Received Febru ; accepted ) Abstract Liboriussen, J., Ashton, P. and Cited by: Electrical Conductivity of the Lithosphere - Implications for the Evolution of the Fennoscandian Shield Toivo Korja University of Uppsala, Department of Geophysics, Section of Solid Earth Physics, Villavägen 16 S 36 Uppsala, Sweden (Received: June ; Accepted: December ) Abstract The electromagnetic induction research on the deep.

lithosphere of the Fennoscandian (Baltic) shield at the transition zone “crust-mantle” and constructed the scheme of location of the low boundary of the "cold" lithosphere. Connected to the data, the boundary between pseudo-brittle and ductile conditions of substance is studied.

11th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM ) 13/07/ This event is one of the most leading mining industry events in Europe and brings together experts and leaders from different sectors such as exploration, mining, academia, investors, governments, geological.

The first broad Russian experiment aimed at the study of the deep structure of Earth's crust and upper mantle by the common midpoint (CMP) method along the 1-EU geotraverse and cross-traverse 4B was realized in – in the territory of the East European Platform under the Russian Federal Program on Development of the State Geotraverse Network and Deep and Superdeep Boreholes.

Fennoscandian definition is - of or relating to the region of Fennoscandia. How to use Fennoscandian in a sentence. Of, from or pertaining to Fennoscandiasomeone from Fennoscandia.

Earth, Water, Ice and Fire: Years of Geological Research in the English Lake District. A detailed study of geological research in the Lake District from the end of the 18th century to the end of This volume shows, by historical exposition, how the modern understanding of the stratigraphy and the geological history and structure of a Cited by: The three Fennoscandian ringed seal subspecies constitute an excellent model system for studying such diversity-eroding processes, because the geological history of the Baltic Sea region is well known, and the deglaciation of the area c.

10, years ago sets a hard upper limit for Cited by: 7. FEM - Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining. Looking for abbreviations of FEM. It is Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining.

Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining listed as FEM Fennoscandian Shield; Fennoscandians; Fennoscandinavia; Fenntartható Fejlõdés És Erõforrások Kutatócsoport; fenny; fenny; fenny; fenny; FENO; Fenobarbital. SinceMr. Blomqvist has been exploring for flake graphite within the Fennoscandian shield and is one of the most experienced graphite geologists in the Nordic region.

Prior to Fennoscandian, Mr. Blomqvist was Chief Geologist for Nussir ASA, managing its exploration team and achieving significant exploration success for the company.

Geology and Geological Hazards of the Vancouver Region, Southwestern British Columbia: Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Geology and Geological Hazards of the Vancouver Region, Southwestern British Columbia: Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin Manufacturer: Geological Survey of Canada / Canadian Government Publishing Centre.

The Sveconorwegian orogen is the result of a series of geographically and tectonically discrete events on the southwest margin of Fennoscandia between ca.

and Ma (Slagstad et al., ).These events apparently took place along an active margin that underwent a long-lived magmatic, metamorphic and deformational evolution that is the topic of this by: Fennoscandian Shield The Fennoscandian Shield is the largest exposed area of Precambrian rocks in Europe, geologically similar to the famous mining regions in Canada and Australia.

Sweden and Finland are ranked within the top 10 most attractive jurisdictions worldwide for mining sector investment, with Norway not far behind. Northern Fennoscandian Shield has lately been under heavy interest from mining community. In Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies placed Finland on 1st position in investment attractiveness and Sweden as 12th worldwide (1st and 3rd in Europe) [33].

The survey assesses both geological attractiveness and. Investigations of Fennoscandian glacial isostatic adjustment using modern sea level records J. Davis, • J. Mitrovica, 2 H.-G.

Scherneck, 3 and H. Fan • Abstract. We present a new method for determining the rates from a network of regional tide gauge data. The method involves using a model for the sea levelCited by: Suavjärvi (in Karelian, Russian: Суавъярви) is a lake and impact crater in the Republic of Karelia, Russia about 50 km north of the town of Medvezhyegorsk.

The approximately 3 km wide Suavjärvi lake is located in the centre of the crater. The crater is 16 km in diameter and it is estimated to be about billion ( x 10 9) years old, placing it in the Archean–Proterozoic nates: 63°7′N 33°23′E /.

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Geological mapping. We collect all important geological features and compile a map as well as a database with geographical reference. read more. Ore and geology modelling.

Geological modelling and resource calculation is the end product for surveys in exploration projects.12th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Conference (FEM ) FEM Conference, founded inis one of the largest and most significant mineral industry events in Europe.

FEM brings together exploration and mining industry experts and leaders worldwide.models for the development of the Fennoscandian Shield in Sweden and Finland suggest rifting of the Archaean craton, continental break up and the formation of a passive margin in the period to Ga, followed by the inception of a juvenile arc system around Ga.

The Svecokarelian orogeny then consisted of the accretion of this arc system.

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